Finger Millet Products: Where to Buy online?

Millets are a great source of nutrients for our body when consumed in any form. Millet is rich in dietary fiber, both soluble and insoluble. The insoluble fiber in millet is known as a “prebiotic,” which means it supports good bacteria in your digestive system. Finger Millet Dosa is a popular recipe for using millets and it tastes delicious. The secret to making delicious millet Dosa is the usage of good quality millet for it gives a good consistent textured batter.

For those who are health conscious and are wary about what they eat, experts suggest that millets should be a part of their daily regular diet. To enjoy finger millet Dosa ensure you buy the millet Dosa mix from the best brands in the market. Svojas Farm’s superior quality Finger Millet Breakfast combos are 100% natural and clean.

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Svojas Farm’s produce organically grown Finger millet-based breakfast health mixes. These breakfast combo’s can be included in your daily routine life. The sole cause for most of the modern-day ailments is spiking of more glucose into our blood by having rice, wheat as staple along with sugar products. Excess of it is getting converted into cholesterol leading to blockage of blood veins causing problems in HEART, BRAIN, KIDNEY and Gangrene. The sugar deposited on the RBC leading to type II Diabetics and in increased fat to obesity.

Svojas Farm’s breakfast combo’s mixes contains natural and healthy Foxtail millet-based Dosa, Upma and Puttu (Steam cake) flours. These healthy super breakfast combos are Diabetic Friendly, 100% Pure & Natural and 100% Preservatives Free.


Why Svojas Farms Finger Millet Products?

Svojas Farm’s Finger millet-based breakfast products are Natural, Unadulterated & Gluten free. It is an ideal Diabetic friendly Breakfast for the entire family. All the products from Svojas Farm are minimally processed without using any kind of preservatives & Artificial Contents. This makes Svojas millet products SAFE (Svojas Assured Food Experience) to eat. All the products are tested for S.A.F.E certification.

Svojas Farms offer traceability on the products they sell. Which means you can actually trace the origin & processing methods of Finger millet products that you buy online.

Zero adulteration

Svojas Farms Millet products are minimally processed using organic methods.

Pesticides Free

Svojas Farms Millet Products are grown naturally without using any pesticides.

100% Natural

Svojas Farms Millets are traditionally cultivated through organic methods.

Health Benefits of Foxtail Millets

Svojas Farm’s Finger Millet products are good source of protein, fiber, key vitamins, and minerals. The potential health benefits of millet include protecting cardiovascular health, preventing the onset of diabetes, helping people achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and managing inflammation in the gut. Millet is an adaptable grain.

Millet’s release the sugar in our blood slowly and maintain blood glucose levels in normal but rice will spike entire glucose to blood within 1 hour which lead to increased cholesterol. Having millet in morning makes you feel full whole day due to fiber and avoids unnecessary consumption of sank or meal in between.

Millets are the only grains on earth having all the essential requirements on human body in right proportion. New research’s shows you can cure most of human lifestyle ailments and obesity if you consume them for more than 6 months and on.

SAFE: Svojas Assured Food Experience

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Svojas Assured Food Experience is Svoja’s quality standards to ensure 100% satisfaction for our customers.

Where to buy Svojas Farms Organic Finger Millet products online?

Svojas Finger Millet products are available to buy online through amazon. Delivery is available anywhere in India also abroad. Place an order today and experience the benefits of Svojas Farms Millet Products in its 100% natural form.