What is the best coconut oil brand to buy online?

While deciding what kind of coconut oil is the best one, one has to take a few factors into account. The first thing we have to consider is which coconut oil is the best for health, beauty, and cooking in the most amazing way. Here are some key facts to be considered while deciding the best coconut oil brand to buy online.

best coconut oil brand

Hence, as much as knowing about the best cooking oil brand is important how the cooking oil is extracted is equally important. It is also important to know whether the coconut is gathered from organically grown coconut trees.

Organic Coconut Oil

All the coconut which undergo the process  to make coconut oil are not organic. It is a mis-understanding that all the coconut are grown organically. In order to get rid of the insects which attacks the coconu fruit, farmers used to inject a pesticide in to the tree.

The fact is that this pesticide can affect the whole tree and the poisonous micro elements will be present in the fruits as well. Coconut oil extracted from these types of coconut is not good for health.

Selecting cooking oil wisely is very important for your health and vitality hence always opt for minimally processed organic coconut oil.

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Oils are extracted in two ways one Refined and Virgin Coconut oil.

Refined Coconut oil

Refined oil is processed at high temperature and pressure in presence of solvents like hexane. Along with this some dangerous chemicals, degumming agents, caustic soda, acids, and preservatives are used in the process. When seeds and nuts are constantly exposed to high heat they lose their nutrition value, aroma, and flavors making them unhealthy for consumption.

Since this processing can be done in massive quantities, the product is pretty cheap, though it can have very unhealthy fats too.

Virgin Coconut Oil

In the other case Virgin coconut oil, which tends to have more vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals and a nicer taste, smell, and moisturization properties, along with MCTs, which are amazing for weight loss and the brain.

In this method, seeds are crushed by pressing them without the use of any high heat and chemicals. The seeds and nuts are crushed at room temperature during extraction by using a wooden pestle and rural. Oil extracted from this technique is free from any preservatives and chemicals.

Now to suggest a solution for which coconut cooking oil brand is best to buy online, we would like to suggest you Svojas Farms minimally processed, SAFE (Svojas Assured Food Experience) to use organic coconut oil as they give the facility of traceability for their products which no other brands provide. You can always trace the origin of the product and the way it is processed.

Getting an opportunity to trace the processing and origin of the oil is very rare considering the fact that food products being adulterated and sold openly in the market under such circumstances.

You can purchase a combo pack of two 500 ml bottles here. And once you use it, you will clearly understand the difference from other brands.

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